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Welcome to Veilo, where cutting-edge technology meets seamless chatting. Engage in a new era of conversational freedom with our intuitive app. Connect with others.

Key Features That Define Veilo

Enjoy lightning-fast conversations that put you in control, coupled with state-of-the-art security measures ensuring your peace of mind in every chat.

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Take charge of your conversations with Veilo's seamless chat management. Effortlessly add and manage your chat sessions, giving you the flexibility to control your interactions and stay on top of your messaging.

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Stop companies from tracking you!

Navigate your conversational journey with confidence using Veilo's Current Chats feature. Keep a pulse on your ongoing chats, track the progress of your conversations, and plan your messaging future with ease.

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Elevate your Messaging with Veilo

Ready for a chatting experience like never before? Take the leap and elevate your conversations with Veilo.


Explore all the possibilites with Veilo.

Voice Calls

This feature is currently in beta. Don't miss it out though.

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Modern looking and comfortable design ensure best user experience.


Get a seamless overwiew from Veilo and start using it today.

Full Controll

There are many customizable features you can choose from!


Our protocol ensures that nobody - not even us - can read your messages